18 hole chipping practice

Chipping Practice (7/12/19)

Format: 10 Balls From Various SpotsGoal: 3 Foot Circle On Practice Green (Difficult)Clubs: 56º & 50ºTime Spent: 1 HourReps: 110 Balls 56º Round 1:Slightly Below Green 7/10 On ​Green4/10 In CircleRound 2:Downhill Lie 9/10 On Green2/10 In Circle Round 3:Tight Lie 10/10 On Green4/10 In Circle Round 4:Downhill – Shortsided 8/10 On Green4/10 In Circle …

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Range Game – 7/24

Really focusing on using the new takeaway feeling and shoulder rotation with releasing the club. Finding that shorter lofted clubs are pulling or having a tiny draw. The shape of most irons feels to be nuetral or slightly left to right which is a bigger improvement from a more extreme left to right. Ran into …

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