Best Drivers For Slicers

Most amateurs struggle with a slice and unfortunately most amateurs don’t have the time to dedicate to their golf game to improve their slice. That’s okay, the golf industry has created lots of drivers that will help your slice and maybe help you hit more fairways

What Causes A Slice?

A slice occurs when the club head is traveling from right to left, diagonally across the ball and the face is pointing right at impact. The opposite directions of the club head and the face are what causes the ball to start left and then immediately curve back to the right of the fairway

How will drivers help a slice?

Drivers are created with a face that is curved. This is known as “roll & bulge”. Simply put, a driver manufacturer can create a driver with a certain curvature to the face and a more forgiving head that can help minimize the severity of your slice.

Best Drivers For Slicers of The Ball

Ping G400 Max

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Ping is known for a few things and one of them is making forgiving golf clubs for the average golfer. The Ping G400 Max has been one of the most forgiving drivers released in the past few years and still retails in the secondary market for almost 80% of the MSRP. Usually golf equipment drops significantly in price after new equipment is released, but that just goes to show you how good this driver is for your average joe.

The large forgiving head with weight low helps keep the ball from slicing more on those off center hits. I would strongly recommend that G400 Max if you’re looking for a driver to help keep some of your slices in play.

Taylormade M6

Taylormade is quite possibly one the biggest names in drivers, so it makes sense that they would offer a forgiving driver head to capture all of the market. While their marketing is centered towards distance and “elite” players, the M6 is a great club for golfers that want more forgiveness and stability in their shots.

The design, in my opinion, is one of the most attractive in this segment and it comes with the same principles that every driver in this category offers.

Low center of gravityBig Forgiving HeadAll of these are going to help you keep more of your slices in play.

Rogue Draw

I think Callaway attempted to grab your attention by calling this the Rogue Draw. I think the idea is that if you believe the club is designed to draw then you’ll buy it as it will help your slice. It sounds a lot better than the Rogue Anti-Slice, but the technology remains the same.

It’s a large forgiving head with extra weight in the heel of the club. The idea is that this additional weight will encourage you get the face of your driver more closed at impact. When you’re dealing with a club that you swing faster than a car traveling on the highway, every single degree that you can get that face closed is going to help minimize your slice and keep you in play.

Maverick Max

I think that Callaway took a lesson from Pings book and understood that calling drivers by the name of Max is appealing to the average golfer. The max version is exactly what a slicer of the ball needs. A large, more forgiving head with weight low and as far back as possible. 

This combination of engineering will ensure that you’re going to keep more balls in play due to the forgiving nature of the design.

Sim Max

Taylormade and Callaway are constantly in competition with each other so there is no shock that they also went the direction of copying Ping by calling their drivers aimed to be more forgiving, “max”. The SIM Max is not much different than anything on this list. The weight is low and in the back of the club to provide forgiveness on off centered hits.

The added benefit is that the SIM is the newest technology offering in the market and likely to give you slightly increased ball speeds across the face when you miss the center.