The Best High Handicap Golf Balls of 2019 and 2020 

 November 4, 2019

By  Kennie Kat

When you first start golfing or if you’re high handicap golfer, you’re going to lose some balls when you play. It’s totally okay and to be expected, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to play balls that are low quality and don’t perform well.

I feel you and trust me. I’ve got you. Here are some good golf balls for high handicap players that won’t break the bank if you lose a couple and still perform well for your game.

Qualities To Look for In A High Handicap Golf Balls

Softer Ball

If you’re a higher handicap player then you generally are going to be swinging your clubs a bit slower and if you’re swinging slower, you’re going to want as much help with distance as possible. A softer ball will tend to compress more and offer more distance

Lower Spin

While spin is something that more skilled ball strikers want as it can allow them to shape the ball more, high handicap golfers are going to want a ball that does everything it can to fly as straight as possible. Now, that doesn’t mean there are golf balls that will cure a slice. An open club face is still an open club face, but you generally want a little less spin so that your slice or hook isn’t further accentuated by more spin.


If you’re losing 1 or more sleeves of balls in a round, it’s going to help if those golf balls aren’t $4-5 a ball like a premium golf ball. Ideally, you want to maximize performance for your game, but no one likes to hit $15 worth of balls out of bounds in the first 3 holes. That can make golf VERY expensive.


Just because you’re a higher handicap player doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a quality ball. You shouldn’t be forced to play a crap ball because your game isn’t where you want it to be. You don’t have to play with balls that are going to further hinder your performance. 

Titleist Tru Feel

Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball, White, (One Dozen)
  • Ultra Soft Feel
  • Superior Distance
  • Excellent Greenside Control

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Everyone knows that Titleist makes the #1 ball in golf. They are basically the Kleenex of golf balls, but most golfers only associate them with their premium ProV balls. They’ve recently released a new version of golf ball aimed at higher handicap golfers that will give you good distance and good greenside spin without breaking the bank. I’ve recently tested them and I 100% agree that they are exactly what they say they are.

I’m not just being a Titleist fanboy because I play the Prov1x.

This is a quality golf ball with a soft cover that is going to help most higher handicap golfers retain some spin around the greens. If you’re a player than likes to play simple chip shots and bump and runs then this is exactly something that’s going to be up your alley. 

The softer ball does add a bit more distance to my driver and 3wood, but I don’t notice that big a difference with irons. I have seen some difference with wedge shots out of the rough where I’m getting more release on the green, but that’s to be expected with anything that’s not a premium ball.

Things We Like

  • Great price
  • Love the alignment aid
  • Soft feel putting
  • Extra distance off the tee

Callaway SuperSoft

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (White ),12 pack, Prior Generation
  • The Callaway super soft is a long, straight distance ball that’s incredibly soft
  • An ultra low compression core promotes fast ball speed and increased accuracy
  • New Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics are optimized to reduce drag and enhance lift for longer carry and...

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When I first started golfing, this was my ball of choice. I would frequently find them on sale for under $20 and stock up on them. I also started with Callaway irons and I’m the type of person that likes to be "matchy", "matchy".

I still have some left and occasionally I’ll rip out a sleeve to play with because they have check all the boxes you want in a high handicap golf ball.

They are soft and feel great off the putter face. The softer cover and softer ball adds more distance on drives and it’s not so soft that it completely hinders my ability to control the ball green side.

They are a great value for money and you can find them in basically every pro shop or golf store for a great price.

Callaway is one of the most trusted brands in golf and while they may not be the “#1 ball in golf” they are certainly just as good at making golf balls.

Did I mention that it also comes in over 6 colors!

Things We Like

  • Great Price
  • 6 Different Colors
  • Lower spinning for less hooks and slices

TaylorMade Project A

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls, White (One Dozen), Large
  • Dual distance core: Larger and softer 2 layer core
  • 322 seamless cast urethane cover
  • Low drag aerodynamic design

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I almost didn’t include this on the list because the price point is just a bit higher than I’d like to see for a high handicap golf ball, but you can definitely catch these on sale on Amazon. The Project A is such a good ball that I’ve almost considered playing it instead of my ProV1X.

Currently, my driver isn’t the best part of my game, but I haven’t been willing to give up greenside control in order to move to a softer ball. The Project A solves both of those problems. It has similar spin to premium balls around the green, but it’s also soft enough that it adds a bit of distance to my drives.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t spin as much off the driver and calms down my slice. It’s almost the perfect ball, but like everything in golf, there are tradeoffs. I suspect that the materials that Taylormade has to use in order to make this ball that soft also aren’t the most durable for higher swing speeds and better ball strikers like myself. My irons and wedges chew up the softer cover which means I have to replace the ball mid round.

While that is a no go for me (I like to play with one ball through the entire round) I think it makes alot of sense for a high handicap golfer who this is aimed at. If you’re already losing a sleeve or two each round, then you won’t really have a ball long enough to damage the cover. I don’t say that to poke fun, I’m saying that it makes a lot of sense for this ball to be on your list.

Things We Like

  • Greenside spin is almost as good as premium balls
  • Driver distance is great due to a softer cover
  • Still a pretty accurate ball that doesn’t accentuate slices and hooks

Bridgestone E6 Soft

BRIDGESTONE GOLF e6 SOFT Golf Balls, White, Soft (Dozen Golf Balls)
  • BRIDGESTONE GOLF BALLS: Switch to the BRIDGESTONE GOLF e6 SOFT golf ball and feel what it is like to...
  • E6 SOFT: Pack of 12 BRIDGESTONE GOLF e6 SOFT white golf balls for men; This golf ball features low...
  • COLORED GOLF BALLS AVAILABLE: Also available in Optic Yellow color for greater visibility on the...

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The Bridgestone E6 soft is a quality golf ball that can withstand some cart paths. Everytime I find an e6 in the woods, it’s basically in unblemished formed. I would expect this from Bridgestone. I mean, they do have some of the best technology to make polymers in tires, so it’s not that far fetched to believe that they also can make a golf ball durable.

It’s your basic soft golf ball. It has a softer inner core that will help you with distance off the tee and also with your irons, but it also has less spin so that your ball will be less prone to hooking and slicing.

I personally like the firmer cover for putting, but that may be something you want to think about if you like a softer putter feel.

What more is there to say?

Tiger plays Bridgestone so it has to be good, right?

Things We Like

  • Durable Cover
  • Great Value
  • More distance off the tee

Wilson Duo Soft

WILSON Staff DUO Golf Ball, Soft, White
  • At a ground-breaking 29, Duo soft has the lowest compression, best feel of all competitive premium...
  • Longest distance performance of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls
  • The lowest driver spin RATE of all competitive premium 2-piece balls for straightest flight off the...

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My first golf instructor was sponsored by Wilson so I’ve spent a fair bit of time playing with Wilson clubs and golf balls. While this company might not be as recognized in the golf world lately, rest assured they have been making golf equipment for much longer than some of the brands you see around today.

The Duo Soft is a GREAT golf ball for high handicap golfers. I can’t recall the last time I didn’t see a Wilson ball at a great price and I also can’t recall the last time that a Wilson ball didn’t perform exactly as they said it would.

The Duo Soft has all of the elements that you’ll want in a high handicap golf ball. It’s softer makeup is going to give you more compression and increase your distance off the tee. It also has less spin so the ball won’t accentuate a hook and slice.

I think there would be a lot more golfers happy if they were willing to give Wilson products a chance. They might have the brand of “cheap” because you can buy them in a Walmart, but that doesn’t take away from the reality that they build a quality product.

Things We Like

  • Price
  • Improved distance
  • Great compression

Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Men's Soft Feel Golf Ball (1-Dozen, Soft White)
  • Two piece value golf ball for 70+ mile per hour swing speeds
  • (Energetic Gradient Growth Core) Improved EGG; Feels softer while maintaining optimal launch...
  • 344 Speed Dimples

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Srixon is often an overlooked ball in the market due to people’s lack of familiarity with the brand, but if I asked you if you’ve ever heard of Cleveland wedges, most golfers would say yeah.
Same company. Srixon is the Japanese parent company. It’s sort of like Toyota and Lexus. If there is anything we know about Toyota and Lexus, it’s that they make a great car.

The same is true of Srixon. They make a great ball and they make great golf equipment. I think this reviewer sums it up better than I could.

I really like the Srixon line of golf balls. These soft feel are quite nice, inexpensive, and my go-to ball during the cooler months. I still generate plenty of clubhead speed (90+ MPH) and find this ball to be long off the tee, just feels great, and has plenty of spin around the greens.

Things We Like

  • Great alignment aid
  • Good value for money
  • Improved distance

Vice Tour

Vice Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • 3-Piece Construction
  • 392 Aerodynamic Dimple Design For More Stability
  • Soft Energy Speed Core (Esc) For Extra Distance And Smooth Feel At Impact

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Vice is one of the more established companies in the direct to consumer golf ball market. The idea is that if you cut the middleman out and you don’t have tour contracts, then you can pass those savings onto you, the customer.

They make a quality product in both the high handicap golf ball and premium golf ball market. I've played a few rounds of golf with these and I can tell the difference of control I have when approaching and chipping on. They do wear a little fast, which has been my only problem with vice golf balls in general, but as I’ve said before. That’s probably not that big of an issue with high handicap golfers.


I hope this list helped you understand exactly what to look for in a high handicap golf ball. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of the balls listed above.

I would start with a few putts to dial in the feel you like from the green and then work your way around with wedges. If you like the feel of the ball after that, take it out for a round and see how it performs for you.

Kennie Kat

Kennie 'Kat' Elerby is the creator of KennieKatGolf.com, a website created to share his journey, hold himself accountable and inspire other amateur golfers to improve. You can find my content on Youtube - KennieKatGolf

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