Range Game – 7/24

Really focusing on using the new takeaway feeling and shoulder rotation with releasing the club.

Finding that shorter lofted clubs are pulling or having a tiny draw. The shape of most irons feels to be nuetral or slightly left to right which is a bigger improvement from a more extreme left to right.

Ran into issues with the 5iron. A lot of cut on the 5 iron. Want to better understand why that length of club seems to inspire more of a cut across the ball. It’s entirely possible that all clubs are right on the line of neutral to possibly out-to-in.

Ball flights are definitely not showing a left to right movement in lower irons.

Absolutely NO trouble today hitting hybrids completely straight with minimal left to right. 3 Wood was able to find target, but still noticing some left to right.

Wasn’t able to get a good feel with the driver and could not find target. Still struggling with a very big left to right slice.