The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners (Buying Guide)

I can remember the day I decided to buy a set of golf clubs for the first time. I knew absolutely NOTHING about the game of golf. I must have looked all over the internet at buying guides and resources to figure out what the best clubs are for a beginner golfer. This guide will help any beginner golfer get a set of clubs that will get them enjoying the game of golf.

There were so many different types of ideas from players irons to cavity back. What shaft flex to get? What loft driver should I have? How many clubs do I need? Do I need a 3wood or should I get a 5 wood?

In a hurry? Here is my quick pick.

Callaway Strata Beginner Set

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set, Prior Generation (12-Piece, Right Hand)
  • Driver & 3 Wood: Woods have a forgiving sweet spot and a graphite shaft for exceptional distance (2...
  • 12 Pieces: 9 Clubs, 2 Headcovers, 1 Bag

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When it comes to box sets the Callaway Strata generally can't be beat on price and value and versatility. Not only do you have the option of choosing between different colors, you can get a left hand set as well!

The set comes with large, forgiving clubs that are sure to instill a lot of confidence in any beginner golfer. It provides quality basic pieces that will allow you to invest in more specialized and expensive clubs in the future if that's the route you want to go.

Things We Like

  • Built by Callaway who manufacture pro level equipment
  • Comes with a putter
  • Two different color options
  • Has every club that a beginner will need

Does this sounds like you?
  • You're a new golfer that has heard all the rave about this "golf thing" around the office and you decided to check it out. Maybe you went to the range or Top Golf with co-workers or maybe you have tried to play a few rounds.
  • You want to play it a bit more often and you're tired of borrowing other peoples clubs. 
  • You aren't sure that this is something you want to turn into a serious hobby, yet but you've considered it.
Box set is the way to go!

Box sets are absolutely WONDERFUL options. They remove all of the unnecessary drama of trying to figure out what shafts and clubs you "need" and the get you the feeling of owning your own clubs for a minimal investment.

The reality is that you're probably struggling to hit even the shortest clubs in your bag correctly. Don't be ashamed! Even Tiger Woods couldn't swing a golf club at some point. 

Callaway Ultimate Beginner Set

Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (16-Piece, Right Hand, Steel)
  • Woods: Full titanium golf driver gives you a large sweet spot and more forgiveness to bomb it off...
  • Hybrids: The 4 and 5 hybrids are great alternatives to long irons, so you can play with more...
  • Irons/Wedges: Irons have high flight technology that delivers distance, forgiveness, and control...

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Callaway Women's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set (14-Piece, Right Hand, Teal)
  • The Strata Plus Women’s package set is designed with distance and forgiveness technologies for...
  • Set includes: Driver, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 to 9 Iron, PW & SW, Putter, Stand Bag, and 3 Headcovers
  • Woods: Driver has a 460cc clubhead with a larger sweet spot and graphite shaft for more distance off...

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This box set has every club that you will ever need to play golf and you could continue with this just the clubs in this set without ever needing to add or replace anything if you decide.

In fact, this set is basically the same make-up that I have in my current bag with the exception of one extra wedge.

I strongly recommend this set if you think that you're going to be playing more than a hand full of times each year, but you are tinkering with the idea of getting lessons and maybe making this sport a more serious hobby.

Things We Like

  • 12 clubs which is all you will ever need
  • Multiple woods and hybrids for longer shots
  • 2 wedges for all of your short game shots

Wilson Staff Box Set

Wilson Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Set Men's, Right Hand, Regular
  • Complete golf set includes premium components, advanced materials and the latest technologies
  • 460cc Driver features large sweet spot and aerodynamic design to improve head speed and deliver...
  • Deep, undercut stainless steel cavity-back irons are precision engineered for longer, straighter...

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I wasn't aware of this until I started golfing, but Wilson wasn't a very popular golf brand around the 2010's. Everywhere else in sports, they are the most respected sports manufacturer. I will say this with certainty...

Wilson makes some great golf equipment.

This set is very well made with quality head covers, but the best part about this set is they make a length for you tall folk.

If you're over 6'2 (no lying fellas, it's important) they have a tall version of their set that will work perfectly for you.

Things We Like

  • Sets available for people taller than 6'2
  • Wilson makes quality equipment
  • Clubs have a high quality look to them

Cobra F-Max Complete Set

Cobra Golf 2019 F-Max Superlite Complete Set Black-Red (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Reg FLex, 10.5, 3W, 5W, 4H, 5-PW, SW, Putter, Bag)
  • Driver-an Offset driver features a forged E9 face and forgiving back/heel weighting, delivering the...
  • Fairways-a 3 wood and 5-wood feature a fast forged face insert, and forgiving back/heel weighting...
  • Hybrids-a 4 Hybrid and 5 Hybrid feature a fast forged face insert, and forgiving back/heel weighting...

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Cobra Golf 2019 F-Max Superlite Complete Set White-Purple Cactus Flower (Women's, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies Flex, 15.0, 3W, 5W, 7W, 5H, 6-PW, SW, Putter, Bag)
  • Driver-an Offset driver features a forged E9 face and forgiving back/heel weighting, delivering the...
  • Fairways-a 3 wood, 5-wood, and 7 wood feature a fast forged face insert, and forgiving back/heel...
  • Hybrids-a 5 Hybrid feature a fast forged face insert, and forgiving back/heel weighting that deliver...

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Cobra does a great job of packaging a complete set of premium level golf clubs into one easy to purchase option. I've golfed with several women that have these sets and they love them.

It takes the pressure away of worrying if you've invested in quality clubs and gives you peace of mind that you've invested in a great set that will last you for years.

This set is made up of the same quality clubs that you'd buy at a specialty golf store, they are just organized in a way that is user friendly for beginner golfers.

Things We Like

  • Premium quality clubs in one simple package
  • They offer men's and womens options
  • This set should provide years of use without any need for upgrading

Should I Get Fit First?

If you simply want to purchase golf clubs so that you don't have to borrow other peoples clubs or you need to have a set to get you started with the fundamentals of the sport, then I don't think you need to get fit. Box sets are designed exactly for you to get out there and starting figuring out if this is a sport you want to continue to invest time and money in.

Won't better clubs help me play better?

I wish it were that easy.

I could give the average golfer the same access to clubs that professional tour players have and they would likely still shoot the same scores. There are some people who would like to believe that Tiger Woods clubs are what made him the greatest golfer on the face of the earth, but deep down in your heart you KNOW that's not true.

What about all the new and improved tech?

The average golf handicap has remained about the same for the past 10 years according to this Golf Digest article. There have also been a plethora of the "best clubs" released in the past 10 years. It would be fair to say that if the average golfer hasn't improved dramatically in the past 10 years and only 2 strokes better over the past 28 years, then new and improved tech isn't probably the most important factor of your golf game.

I've seen reviews that these box sets break. Should I be worried?

While quality control on a $300 product has to be a lower standard than a $3000 product, I don't think this is something to be concerned about. Very rarely does a golf club just break in half from hitting a golf ball. The most likely reality is that these clubs are being used by raw beginners that impact the ground when swinging. While irons are designed to interact with the turf, your driver is not. If you swing a $500 driver into the ground, it's likely to break just as easily as a $50 driver.

 Key Tip: Don't swing your driver into the ground

Top Brands For Beginner Golf Clubs


Callaway Golf Company is a premium golf equipment and active lifestyle company with a portfolio of global brands, including Callaway Golf, Odyssey, OGIO, TravisMathew and Jack Wolfskin. Through an unwavering commitment to innovation, we manufacture and sell premium golf clubs, golf balls, golf bags and golf accessories as well as active lifestyle apparel, footwear, backpacks, sport and travel bags, and other active lifestyle equipment and accessories.

Wilson Golf 

Since 1914, Wilson Golf has designed, manufactured and distributed premium and recreational golf equipment throughout the world. Wilson Golf irons have won 62 Major championships, more than any other iron manufacturer in history. Our consumer brands continue that tradition today by delivering the highest quality golf equipment to all golfers to enhance performance on the golf course and overall enjoyment of the game.


COBRA Golf is one of the world’s most renowned golf club manufacturers. Founded in 1973 by Tom Crow, COBRA produces clubs for golfers of all abilities, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, including the first hybrid - the COBRA’s Baffler. 

Wrap Up

As a brand new golfer the most important thing is that you get a set of clubs that allow you enjoy and practice the game. I think that a lot of new golfers, myself included, can get caught up in all the excitement of new clubs. I strongly believe that a box set like the Callaway Strata or the Wilson Deep Red are excellent golf clubs for any beginner golfer.

Kennie Kat

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