Top 10 Tips To Pick The Perfect Golf Coach 

 July 1, 2019

By  Kennie Kat

I've hired 4 different golf coaches and taken well over 25 hours of lessons. I'm going to share the top 10 things, you should think about before hiring a golf coach.

There are millions of videos out there about finding the perfect swing or hitting the perfect drive, but no one is talking about how you find a great coach.

1.) Learning the fundamentals are more important than learning skills
2.) You don't always need a coach with a launch monitor
3.) Go to your coach with a clear goal
4.) Be prepared to practice. 1 Hour of Lesson = 4-10 hours of practice
5.) Pick a coach that mirrors your learning style
6.) How available is your coach?
7) Price, Does this coach fit your budget?
8.) Get On The Course
9.) Ask lots of great questions
10.) Be Open to new ideas

Kennie Kat

Kennie 'Kat' Elerby is the creator of KennieKatGolf.com, a website created to share his journey, hold himself accountable and inspire other amateur golfers to improve. You can find my content on Youtube - KennieKatGolf

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