Putting (6/21/19)

3 Foot Circle Putts

Difficulty: No Slope (Easy)

Score: 24 in a row of 25.

Time: 30 minutes

Notes: Go 30 for 30 next time or add in a hole with some slight slope.

Personal Score 80%

5 Putts from 10-20 Feet

Difficulty: Medium 3 on green and 2 on the fringe in a circle around the hole.

Score: 100% holed in under 2 putts

Time: 15 minutes

NotesPractice more fringe putts. Gaining confidence on the pace out of the fringe is a valuable skills as there are many putts that occur on the fringe. Comfort in this area is crucial to save some of those random putts

Personal Score 90%
Kennie Kat

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